Back in 2002, I stumbled into what, at the time, seemed like a ridiculously easy career: proofreading at an advertising agency. (They may be brilliantly creative, but, by and large, copywriters aren’t known for their fidelity to any recognizable system of grammar or usage. It was like shooting fish in a barrel.)

And when that proofreading job eventually turned into a full-time writing gig, I started working with—and learning from—art director Steve Kutsch. Ridiculously talented yet refreshingly humble, Steve’s one of those guys that pretty much everybody can’t help but like. And in this business, that’s damn near impossible.

Fast-forward 15 years later, and I get to work with Kutsch the Younger. Steve’s son Steven—say that five times fast—joined helveticka this month after a brief internship. And though he professes to hate reading, he’s otherwise an OK guy with better-than-average taste in music. He’s trainable, too, taking only a couple of days to respond to his new nickname, “Skooch.” And, at only 25, he’s a welcome corrective to helveticka’s aging workforce, nearly half of which is eligible for AARP benefits.

Welcome, Skooch. Now go get me a cup of coffee.



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