MAGIC! (cue the glitter + jazz hands)

Kickstarter for the win with a whimsical display of personality and functionality. It’s pretty amazing what happens when a brand is self-aware enough to emphasize the creativity and mood behind their core message – and their core function.

This one word – this one unnecessary, five-letter word –  sparked a smile ear-to-ear, conjuring rays of hope and positivity about the future (which, admittedly, have been pretty dim these days).

It also began a mini-movie in my mind about the people who launch a project on Kickstarter and what they’re going through: the ups and downs, the possibilities, the excitement of starting something new.

And on the more practical user-experience side, think of how many people don’t truly know how the internet works. To them, this truly is magic!

It’s a simple thing, but this little word gave me goose bumps. It made me want to help these people achieve their dreams – these people who believe in magic. Because what’s capable of sparking a new idea other than just that?




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