Wait. What?

Last week, Vincent Connare, the typographer who unleashed Comic Sans on an unsuspecting world, confessed his sins in an interview over at the Guardian‘s website.

After reading his account—and that of Microsoft program manager Tom Stephens, whose job it was “to match products to fonts, sort of like a marriage broker”—I was fully prepared to grant mercy, if not outright absolution.

Until, that is, Stephens said that “[w]hen you use Comic Sans, you’re making a statement: ‘I’m more relaxed, more creative. I may be working in this area, but this job does not define me.'”

Now, I may not be a designer, but something about that didn’t seem quite right. So I asked the crack design team at helveticka world headquarters to more accurately complete his quote.

“When you use Comic Sans, you’re making a statement…”

Skooch “…I’m probably a kindergarten teacher.”

Shirlee “…I’m still in kindergarten.”

Courtney “…I failed kindergarten.”



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