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If you ever find yourself in Dillon, Montana—and really, why wouldn’t you?—do yourself a favor and stop in at the Taco Bus for a quick bite. Seriously, these are the best tacos in the history of tacos.

While you’re in the area, hit up the Patagonia Outlet, try your hand at some blue-ribbon fly fishing, or visit historic Bannack. Or heck—go just for the tacos. Sure, it’s a five-hour drive from Spokane. But it’s worth every minute.

06.02.2017, 9:08pm
by Jim

I love Dillon! Is the taco truck new? I guess it’s been many moons since I dropped into that little valley. Two remembories: #1 – Our older daughter Jen (now 31) was with us when we caught a bucket full of brookies after a trip straight up the mountain in a rusted out, totally awesome land cruiser. She was 3 years old and spent most of her morning squeezing each trout through her hands and onto the ground. Then back in the bucket to start over… #2 Different trip. We had just narrowly avoided rolling that same land cruiser on a monster rock while side-hilling (Roads? We don’t need no stinking roads) when the biggest bald eagle in the history of bald eagles swooped right over the hood and blotted out the entire windshield view. Can you say Pterodactyl?
Oh wait! One more quickie. We were on our way out for a week in the sawtooths and stopped in at the Patagonia outlet to grab a fleece (can’t believe I hadn’t thrown one in). It was a prescient stop as the weather turned on day three and we had a day and a half of snow and dragging monster deadfall out of the woods for totally un-PC sized fires. Gotta keep the llamas warm 🙂
Thanks for the Dillon reminder Aaron!

06.05.2017, 3:49pm
by Aaron Bragg
Aaron Bragg

Nice! Perhaps you can help me convince CK of the need for a Dillon branch of helveticka, staffed by me (of course). It would be conveniently located between the Patagonia outlet and the taco bus.



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