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A Nice Walk in the Woods

“It’s a nice walk in the woods” he said, “no problem for beginners.” And so we set off. 5 Girl + more

Look Left, Then Look Right

When you find something this cool on the internet, you share it. 1. Click on this link 2. Pick a video + more

Things I Saw Downtown, Walking On My Lunch Break

Beside the meter ­the lady fishes for her keys, legs painted Pantone 163.   Within the underpass, city sleepers spoon + more

Monday Monsters

While enjoying my coffee this morning I found this and it made me smile. And then it made me sentimental + more

Where It All Began

My first professional job, a part-time gig around 1980, was with a local design firm called Spilker Baker & Associates. + more

The Sad State of Musical Criticism in 2017

Remember how last week I alerted you to Kalefa Sanneh’s New Yorker article on progressive rock? Now Forbes is getting in on + more


Stephen Phelan on the world’s deadliest motorcycle race: On the first lap, rider No. 63, Jochem van den Hoek, rocketed + more

Thursday Thoughts

Can you spot the typo in the following excerpt from page 243 of Where the Water Goes (2017) by David Owen? + more

Stop! Grammar time!

Sarah Sweet’s “Barbarians at the Gates of Grammar” reminds me a little bit of Mark Twain’s apocryphal “When I was a boy of + more

Prog is dead. Long live prog!

The subtitle of Kelefa Sanneh’s New Yorker article on progressive rock reads “Critics think that the genre was an embarrassing dead end. So + more

Seinfeld 2020: Make America Aloof Again

I am not a hugger. It’s not just because I’m an introvert, though I’m sure that has something to do + more

Quote of the Day

“Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your + more

Spokane Scene no. 25

Knothead Loop is a seven-mile hike that rewards you with Indian petroglyphs, gorgeous views, and plenty of wildlife—and it’s only a half-hour drive from downtown + more


Terry Teachout reports on a “trivial little exercise in inter-generational trolling” he undertook on Twitter last week. The results are + more

“A Tiny Masterpiece”

“Robert Rauschenberg,* who once said that he wanted to make the biggest drawing in the world, also created one of + more

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