Terry Teachout reports on a “trivial little exercise in inter-generational trolling” he undertook on Twitter last week. The results are predictably vile (and, to be honest, depressing). Turns out that “a total stranger’s expression of tepid distaste for a now-commonplace conversational mannerism” is enough to get some people really fired up. Least surprising? Millennials were the angriest. WARNING: Lots of naughty words at the link.

Speaking of social media, how’s that whole slacktivism approach to solving all the world’s problems working out? Not so well, perhaps.

Tomorrow (June 6) marks the 73rd anniversary of D-Day. Rather than wait until then, go ahead and check out the Atlantic‘s cool “Then and Now” feature, which they published back in 2014.

Martin Scorsese defends film as art. Seems odd that such an argument would be necessary, but, well…these are the times in which we live. (Bonus! A 1980 review of The Shining, from the same publication, that underscores at least a couple of Scorsese’s points: “It would be tempting to call it metaphysical…if the story on which it was based were less of a mail-order catalogue of fashionable—not to mention profitable—occult notions. There is not much metaphysics in The Shining, but it is as fine a piece of cinema as Kubrick has produced.”)



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