Monday Miscellany

So, basically, Pow! was Brian Epstein. Or George Martin. Or Pete Best. Or Stuart Sutcliffe

“Playful urination practices—from seeing how high you can pee to games such as Peeball (where men compete using their urine to destroy a ball placed in a urinal)—may give boys an advantage over girls when it comes to physics.” Ed. note: Um…Peeball??? I feel like I’m missing out on some quality male bonding time here.*

Nic Rowan attended Satruday’s Juggalo March on Washington and lived to tell about it: “There was free Little Caesar’s pizza. Friendly Faygo spray battles. I shared cigarettes with complete strangers and it felt right. Everywhere, Juggalos were acting like a loving family, ambling around the area in front of the Lincoln Memorial and embracing each other in ‘huggalos.'”

While weighing in on the standard definition of nonplussed, the OED reminds us of the perils of unchecked stupidity.

And finally, a cool new video from Anathema:

*I had to look it up. Here are the official rules of Peeball. Just remember, “the use of penile siphons or any other artificial urinary aids is strictly forbidden.”



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