Goodbye, Mr. Rogers

This past weekend I read about the passing of Jack C. Rogers. He was a design instructor when I attended Spokane Falls Community College. In fact, he helped start the SFCC design department in 1963 and taught there for 26 years.

A soft-spoken, kind, and gentle person, Mr. Rogers touched the lives of many graphic designers working in Spokane today. I remember him quietly teaching the basic methods of ad layouts, composition, and typography. He also taught illustration courses and was a very good watercolorist in his own right.

I never saw or spoke to Mr. Rogers after graduating 36 years ago. But I’ve never forgotten him. He was a World War II vet and an avid runner, and he loved peanut butter sandwiches. He had a heart for teaching. And, up until recently, he continued as a volunteer teaching aspiring artists.

Thank you, Mr. Rogers. You’ll be missed.



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