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Lord Byron to Lady Melbourne, September 25, 1812:

As to Annabella [Milbanke, his future wife] she requires time and all the cardinal virtues, and in the interim I am a little verging towards one who demands neither, and saves me besides the trouble of marrying by being married already…I only wish she did not swallow so much supper, chicken wings—sweetbreads—custards—peaches and port wine—a woman should never be seen eating or drinking, unless it be lobster salad and champagne, the only truly feminine and becoming viands.

From The Folio Book of Days (The Folio Society, 2002).

10.04.2017, 7:11pm
by Susanna

Everyone knows Byron was a schmuck. And way more pedantic than Romantic.

10.06.2017, 9:04am
by Aaron Bragg
Aaron Bragg

“Mad, bad and dangerous to know.” Sounds sort of like CK to me.



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