Weekend Miscellany

I have good news and bad news. First, the good news: The end of the world isn’t happening any time soon. The bad news? Well…let’s hear it from an actual time traveler who’s totally, definitely for real.

The birth of ambient music: “I started hearing this record as if I’d never heard music before. It was a really beautiful experience, I got the feeling of icebergs, you know? I would just occasionally hear the loudest parts of the music, get a little flurry of notes coming out above the sound of the rain—and then it’d drift away again”

It’s happening.

The average profit margin among U.S. companies is 7.9 percent (6.9 percent when you exclude the financial sector). The public thinks it’s 36 percent.

“Facts are facts and truth is truth,” wrote Thomas Stuart Ferguson. Unfortunately for him, the truth he found wasn’t the truth he was looking for.



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