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Monday Miscellany

“Contrary to popular opinion,” writes Ian Bogost in the Atlantic, “malls are great, and they always were.” Did you know + more

Music for the Month of February

So we’re midway through Black History Month, which can be pretty intimidating for white folk like me in an era + more

Speaking Truth to Power

In an interview at Vulture, New York magazine’s culture and entertainment site, the legendary Quincy Jones has a lot to say—about Big Pharma, + more

Oh, boy…

“Every time I see a woman in public reading a book by a man (usually dead, usually white),” writes Danielle + more

CK’s iPics of the Year

Presenting my third annual iPics of 2017. I shared twelve images last year, but this time around I could only + more

We’re Doomed

Today is Friday. Normally, that would be cause for celebration. The weekend is nigh; the promise of fun and frivolity + more

Weekend Miscellany

I have good news and bad news. First, the good news: The end of the world isn’t happening any time + more


There’s a chapter in Leszek Kołakowski’s wonderful Why Is There Something Rather than Nothing? 23 Questions from Great Philosophers (Basic Books, 2007) entitled + more

“The course of Nature is the art of God”

So this guy went out and captured 10 terabytes (!) of raw data last summer with a $110,000 Phantom Flex4K high-speed + more

Understanding the Essence of “Jerkitude”

Hey kids! Are you “surrounded by fools and non-entities, by people with bad taste and silly desires, by boring people + more

Stop what you’re doing right now and buy tickets—stat!

Got any plans for Wednesday, November 29? Yes. Yes, you do: You’re going to go see the encore presentation of + more


In Germany, police detain a man with a python in his pants. Meanwhile, 400 miles south in the Austrian Alps… + more

This Is a Real Thing

“What you take away from standing in front of the dark, musty expanse is what you bring to it.” And + more

Halloween Miscellany

“Anthropomorphic pumpkins, mirror divination, and space-traveling witches”: a collection of vintage Halloween cards. In addition to my annual plea to + more

A Top 10 List Worth Reading

If you’re looking to watch a scary movie on Halloween but are unsure where to start, there’s no shortage of + more

Not Just for the Game Grid Anymore

This suffix, applied to nuclear physics, modern biology, and early AI—and even a certain carnival ride—was “a totem of high + more

It Was 20 Years Ago Today…

Entering the 17th and final race of the 1997 FIA Formula One World Championship, held October 26 at Jerez, Spain, + more

Quote of the Day

“A smart person who is given a five-hour job by their boss at four o’clock in the afternoon will get + more

Odds and Ends

Based on this interactive map from the good folks at, Utah is a terrible place to spend your childhood. + more

Run, Don’t Walk, to Your Nearest Theater

I saw Blade Runner in 1982 at the Liberty Theater in Lewiston, Idaho. (Apparently, there weren’t that many of us + more

Music Recommendation

Back in 2001 when I was writing music criticism for the Local Planet, my editor gave me a copy of + more

“In 1973, I invented a ‘girly drink’…”

“The initial thought behind Baileys Irish Cream took about 30 seconds,” writes David Gluckman in the Irish Times. “In another 45 + more


“Fears are growing in Sweden over packs of radioactive wild boar moving north, ravaging forests and farmland.” We should probably + more

5 Proven Ways to Procrastinate for the Next 30 Minutes

Because it’s Thursday—which means we’re mere hours from Friday—and because the boss is out of town, we’ve decided that a + more

Quote of the Day

The function of music, says Wadada Leo Smith, is “to transform that [observer’s] life in just an instant, so that + more


Cooking with Nikolai Gogol: “Delicious beyond description!…Pies you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams: they melt in your mouth! And + more

The Dr. Seuss You Don’t Want Your Kids to See

So much has been written about the wisdom of Theodor Geisel’s words, crafted for the delight of kids but, at + more

Awesomeness: A Philosophical Inquiry

“A good person is great; but an awesome person—they’re on another level. I’m all for tasty sandwiches; but I’d rather have an awesome one. + more

Today in History

Lord Byron to Lady Melbourne, September 25, 1812: As to Annabella [Milbanke, his future wife] she requires time and all + more

The Death of Criticism?

The other day I said some disparaging things about The Catcher in the Rye and To Kill a Mockingbird—something about + more

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