Happy Birthday, helveticka.

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It’s hard enough to explain to someone in casual conversation just what, exactly, it is you do as a graphic designer; still harder when you try to justify the existence of an entire firm devoted to what amounts, in many people’s minds, to choosing pretty colors and fonts. And how in the world such a firm can last 25 years is, in many ways, beyond comprehension. Just think about the changes that have taken place since we first opened our doors in 1988: the computer revolution alone brought us email, digital printing, and the demise of the fax machine. If you’d told any of us back then that websites would be more important than a four-color brochure, we’d have had you escorted off the premises. (Which, when you think about it, makes the next 25 years pretty exciting to think about.) Here’s to all those who have been a part of our success – and here’s hoping you’ll continue to do so.