Changing Perceptions – and Shaping a Narrative

Demo Image

Not quite close enough to the Rockies to be hip, not quite far enough east to be part of the Great Plains, Greeley suffers more from geography than anything else. But it makes up for it with a thriving arts scene, more cultural diversity than just about any other city in Colorado, and a state university known nationally for a number of its programs. Research conducted by the city revealed that Coloradans along the front range urban corridor – a heavily populated area stretching from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins – had chiefly negative perceptions about Greeley. helveticka was chosen to create an image campaign to not only correct what are, in fact, misperceptions, but also communicate the positive attributes of what was once called “The Athens of the West.” Following a media plan and a series of creative solutions for audience testing, concepts will be further refined before implementation in early 2013.