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I ♥ Milton Glaser

I’m a huge fan of Milton Glaser, one of America’s most influential designers. Now 81 years of age, Glaser continues to produce beautiful and relevant work. In 1975 he was asked to create a pro-bono logo for the New York Commerce Commission’s public relations campaign. It was intended to soften New York City’s crime-ridden and dirty reputation. He was given the slogan “I Love New York.” He quickly came up with a solution that was immediately approved by Bill Doyle, the assistant commissioner of commerce.

While doodling in a cab a week later he had a better idea, so he pleaded with Mr. Doyle to come by his studio and take a look at it. As Glaser recalls, Doyle first reaction was “Oh please! Forget it. Do you know how complicated it would be to approve it again?” Apparently Doyle agreed to take a peek at Glazer’s new logo and quietly took the sketch with him. Eventually the commission approved the new logo and the “INY” symbol became an instant tourist favorite.

On February 25, 2010, Glaser was awarded the National Medal of Arts, the first graphic designer to be recognized as such. In President Obama’s introduction, Glaser was honored for “a lifetime devoted to improving the way people communicate through innovation in graphic design, and for memorable visual artifacts that challenge contemporary artists and delight all Americans.” And that’s exactly what Milton Glaser did 35 years ago.



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