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Worshiping Design

A recent trip to Seattle offered up yet another encouraging ray of hope: that good architectural design can truly inspire. While the Seattle Public Library (a must-see, by the way) does indeed fit into this category, I’m referring to the Chapel of St. Ignatius. Located on the campus of Seattle University, this 1997 effort by Steven Holl Architects out of NYC is worth the side trip.

And speaking of chapels, if you’re ever in Portland, take time to visit the Marilyn Moyer Meditation Chapel (sometimes referred to as the Grotto Meditation Chapel). Designed by TVA Architects and completed in 1992, it’s equally impressive.

04.21.2010, 3:39pm
by Pam Pyrc

I tell everyone who is planning a trip to Seattle that the library has to be on their things to do list and they respond as if I’ve asked them to go back to elementary school. I have not seen the Chapel though and will now at this to my sight seeing list.



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