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The Best Show in Town

My wife and I attended the Harold Balazs art exhibit opening this past Saturday at the MAC. It was a real treat, and I highly recommend seeing this exhibit.

When we arrived, Harold was just introduced and began to make a few remarks. Apparently, the microphone wasn’t working, and we did our best to hear his words of wisdom. A fixture in Spokane’s art community, Harold is one of the most renowned artists of the Pacific Northwest. He always seems to be humbled by the fact that so many people enjoy the “stuff” he makes (he prefers not to call his work “art”). Harold is always honest, funny, and smart. He’s the guy you want to have around your campfire.

In the early 1960s he came up with his signature phrase “transcend the bullshit.”  It may well describe his philosophy about life. Every time I see a piece created by Harold, a single word always comes to mind: whimsy. Thanks, Harold, for making serious art so approachable and fun.



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