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An Appeal

Back in the 90s, it was “don’t go there.” In the aughts, it was “my bad” (still a pox on our culture). Now, we have “rock” as a transitive verb—as in, “Mr. Rogers really rocks that cardigan.”

How bad is it? It’s hit the pages of Sunset magazine, as staid a publication as you’re likely to read. From the latest issue, in a blurb about a new Spokane business:

The just-opened Sun People Dry Goods Company is modeled after an old-fashioned general store but rocks eco-mod design, with exposed brick and salvage-metal accents.

Please, please, please stop. All of you. Right now.

11.23.2010, 11:06am
by Susanna Weise

As long as you’re passing out admonishments, can we please scold our local news people for describing weather conditions as “blizzard-like” in the middle of a blizzard or “summer-like” in the middle of July? You can create blizzard-like conditions on a Hollywood set, and you can enjoy summer-like temperatures in January (if you’re lucky), but to separate the thing itself from the thing’s description stirs up all kinds of metaphysical questions when all we really want to know is if it’s going to be cold enough to rock those fur-trimmed snow boots or hot enough to rock those stylish new sandals. So irritating.



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