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Request for Uniformity

From page 2 of a 37-page Request for Qualifications (RFQ) we received earlier this year:

Unnecessarily elaborate responses, beyond that sufficient to present a complete and effective response, are not desired and may be construed as an indication of a firm’s lack of cost consciousness. Unless specifically requested in the RFQ, elaborate art work, corporate brochures, lengthy narratives, expensive paper, specialized binding, and other extraneous presentation materials are neither necessary nor desired.

In other words, do not attempt to distinguish your firm’s capabilities. Keep it innocuous and uninspiring. Order, structure, and conformity are required. What a great way to hire a creative firm.

Thanks, but no thanks.

11.29.2011, 1:48pm
by Spimbi

37 pages of necessarily elaborate instructions with a clear indication of cost consciousness.



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