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bsw 04.29.12

This past Sunday, our senior designer Shirlee Roberts was married to her sweetheart, Brett Downey.

photo courtesy of Matt Vielle / Hamilton Studio

Shirlee has been with AMD for a dozen years now. For those who know her, the wedding event was pretty much what you would expect from someone who keeps a tarantula near her desk. It was unique: the nuptials took place at a local Starbucks where she and Brett first met – five years ago to the day. It was efficient: the ceremony was well under 10 minutes. It was personal: the only time I’ve heard the words “guns” and “cars” exchanged while professing vows.

And I loved the souvenir coffee mugs inscribed with a simple message – bsw 04.29.12 (brett, shirlee, wedding).

Congrats to Shirlee and Brett!

05.04.2012, 11:32am
by Susanna

Congratulations, Shirlee! LOVE the dress. You look sensational. Here’s to a long and happy marriage.



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