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A Word on Words

It’s lonely being a logophile. For reasons still unclear to me, any word not immediately familiar to the average 12-year-old is anathema to most folks—such that those of us who derive pleasure from words like, well…anathema are sometimes treated like Mohammet, Jugdish, Sidney, and Clayton at Omega House.

But then, who needs friends when you’ve got Robert Fulford’s explication of palimpsest?

12.21.2012, 12:25pm
by Susanna

Anathema? That’s nothing. I’m not even allowed to use the word “comport.” It was edited to “act.” Not at all what I meant!

12.21.2012, 3:38pm
by Aaron Bragg

Wait. Isn’t a comport like a garage but without the walls? What’s that got to do with “act”?

12.21.2012, 3:39pm
by Aaron Bragg

Or is comport what you do with kitchen scraps? I can’t remember.

12.23.2012, 9:56am
by Susanna

My new rig has two glove comportments.



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