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Don’t bother me. I’m thinking.

Interesting article* on the science behind extroversion and introversion. Here’s a quote that helps explain why I’m no good at group brainstorming sessions:

In a recent book on introversion, author Susan Cain explains that although introverts make up a third to a half of the population, Western society—the United States, in particular—is extroversion-centric. She notes that schools and workplaces are designed for extroverts, under the belief that collaboration is key to creativity and productivity (the opposite of which is true for introverts).

Both Cain’s book and her corresponding TED talk have not only generated some much-needed discussion about the differences between the two personality types, they’ve also created a (mostly good-humored) backlash against introverts. Which is a bit unfair, given that scads of studies appear to demonstrate that “the brains of introverts and extroverts really are different.”

*Hat tip to my friend and fellow introvert Derek Helt.



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