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And…we’re back.

It’s been a week since I last posted something. Alas, my tardiness is due not to a particularly busy schedule, but to a crippling plague that struck me down last Wednesday. Truly, ’twas only my iron constitution—and generous portions of single-malt Scotch—that stayed Death’s clammy hand.

Speaking of death, ever hear the story of the Unknown Man (also known as the Tamám Shud Case)? It’s got everything: a 65-year-old mystery, still ostensibly under investigation, in which “we still do not know the victim’s identity, have no real idea what killed him, and cannot even be certain whether his death was murder or suicide.”

Check it out. And by tomorrow we’ll be back with our regularly scheduled programming. You know…picking grammatical nits, linking to pointless stories, and, every now and then, providing something worth reading.



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