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What This Barrier-Smashing Journalist Just Said Will Blow Your Mind.

You’ve probably heard the term clickbait. If not, you’ve certainly experienced it. You know—those cheesy ads along the margins of a webpage that promise instant weight loss, winning stock picks, or unlimited free power if you just follow this “one weird trick.” Or the headlines that populate everyone’s Facebook feed: “They told her she’d never walk again. You won’t believe what happened next.” It’s gotten so bad that there’s a parody site that generates Upworthy-style headlines.

Today Buzzfeed—yes, that Buzzfeed—posted a short article by Ben Smith explaining why they avoid clickbait. It’s worth a read, even if you’re just the tiniest bit interested in web best practices. There’s even some pretty sound advice on headline-writing. (It’s pretty much what I’ve been saying for years: “Great headlines…tell you a lot about what you’re going to read.” Sweet, sweet vindication.)



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