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Metals Fab Unplugged

There’s something exciting about working inside a big, industrial manufacturing facility like Metals Fab. Huge I-beams moving about, lots of welding masks with sparks flying nearby, the sounds of steel being punched and bent, cranes moving overhead, and radios blaring everywhere—each tuned to a different station—while the smell of spent welding rods hangs in the air. You’ve gotta love the rich patina, textures, and sheer scale of this place. A visual delight everywhere you turn.


Teaming up with the production house ILF Media, we recently completed shooting for Metals Fab’s upcoming 50th anniversary video. Founded in 1966, the company has grown from one man working in his garage to 145 talented employees operating inside 122,000 square feet of production space on 23 acres. That’s some serious growth, man.



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