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Pixels in My Pocket

I remember when the only photographs I allowed myself to take were with my Cannon SLR 35mm camera—which had to be set in manual mode, of course, since I wanted to focus and set the shutter speeds myself. That was back when bracketing for exposures was the norm.

I admit, it took me a long time to lower my standards to the point where I’d consider using a point-and-click digital camera, mostly because I’ve spent the better part of my career working with professional photographers.

And when cell phones first introduced built-in cameras, I thought they would never take off. Seriously. Who wants to take soft, pixelated, low-res images? (Everybody, it turns out.) I finally accepted my short-sightedness when iPhone images started appearing in Sports Illustrated.

So, with only a little reluctance, here are a few of my favorite personal images from 2015. Even if they are crappy point-and-click photos that anybody else could have taken on an iPhone.


01.05.2016, 3:48pm
by Moritz Kundig

Great shots!
Happy New Year, and I hope to see you in 2016.


01.07.2016, 7:39am
by Craig

Nice work. (the guys got an eye).



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