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On Location in Greeley, Colorado

Echo is on display at the University of Northern Colorado’s Mariana Gallery—and it’s pretty amazing. Artist Dylan Gebbia-Richards covered the walls of an enclosed room with layers of wax so dense that it actually absorbs sound. According to the press release, “[t]he lack of ambient noise within the chamber deliberately reduces the auditory stimuli in effort to focus on the visual senses.” Apparently, the effect has something to do with what’s called chromesthesia:

The title of the exhibition references the acoustic effect that occurs when sound reflects off of bare, close fitting walls and distantly repeats. Gebbia-Richards explores the possibility of inverting this principal into a “visual echo,” by encompassing the viewer in a 30′ x 20.5′, double ellipse room. The sloped, wave-like walls of what the artist calls “the chamber,” immerses the viewer in a life-size, textured painting made from 4,128 pounds of melted wax.

The exhibition runs through December 11. If you’re anywhere even remotely near Greeley, you really ought to check it out.



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