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So there’s a thing called the iPhone Photography Awards. And they just announced the 2018 winners.

While we’re at it, Scuba Diving magazine did something similar.

“It’s like keeping wine in a cellar instead of on the kitchen counter.” One of life’s great mysteries has, at long last, been settled. #science

The late Donald Hall on aging: “I rise scratchy at six or twitch in bed until seven. I drink coffee before I pick up a pen. I look through the newspaper. I try to write all morning, but exhaustion shuts me down by ten o’clock. I dictate a letter. I nap. I rise to a lunch of crackers and peanut butter, followed by further exhaustion. At night I watch baseball on television, and between innings run through the New York Times Book Review. I roll over all night. Breakfast. Coffee.”

I’m reasonably certain that every word of this is true—though, in the spirit of inquiry, I intend to seek an evidential basis for each of the claims presented. Starting right about…now.



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