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Curmudgeonly Rant

Not that anyone cares, but here are three somewhat-related things I was stewing about on my walk today:

First, an app I dearly loved (no, really) updated recently. It’s called Dark Sky, and I actually paid money for it—because it’s a weather app that gives you the information you need in a beautiful layout. Or, rather, it used to give you the information you need in a beautiful layout. Now, after the “update,” it’s glitchy and looks terrible.

Second, I took my third and final ride on a Lime scooter the other day. No, I didn’t wreck it or anything. It’s just that, for some reason now, the company no longer charges your credit card per ride. Instead, you have to put money into an account, from which Lime withdraws funds whenever you use the service.

Third, I noticed I wasn’t seeing photos from some accounts I follow on Instagram. Skooch informed me that its updated algorithm only shows you feeds from accounts you actively engage with—liking an image, say, or (even better, apparently) commenting. So even though I chose to follow certain accounts, this mysterious algorithm is choosing the content it believes I want to see.

This is progress? Sorry, but no. I know I’m old, but this is all very dumb.



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