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A “striking image and a few well-chosen words still have the power to influence,” writes Michael Watts about Uncovered, a history of revolutionary magazine covers published earlier this month.

Only 249 individuals in the world have passed the Master Sommelier Exam. More people have been to space. Should we be surprised, then, that 23 applicants cheated this year?

Nearly half of Americans suffer from loneliness. Meanwhile, narcissism “has become so widespread and so fundamental to all aspects of culture that the question is whether it can properly be identified as a pathology any longer.” Stephen Marche says we’re living in a “crisis of intimacy.”

Marche isn’t the only one sounding the alarm. “The world today is faster, more scheduled, more fragmented, less patient, louder, more wired, more public,” argues MIT professor Alan Lightman. We need some downtime.

It’s not all depressing news for the weekend. There are otters.



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