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Monday Miscellany

Okay, so, I’m back. (Yeah, I know, you probably hadn’t noticed I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks. Just…humor me, mmm-kay?) Anyway, I don’t have a lot of time for my typical profundity, so here’s a list of things you ought to be aware of.

The fact that this argument needs to be made is a sad commentary on the state of conversation these days.

Speaking of such things, here’s a collection of “philosophers philosophizing about philosophy on world philosophy day.”

In praise of the lowest form of wit: “Puns straddle that happy fault where sound and sense collide, where surface similarities of spelling or pronunciation meet above conflicting seams of meaning.”

In archaeology news, the lost city of Tenea has been found—while the mosaic floor of a 1,600-year-old synagogue appears to depict some rather unusual subject matter.

And finally, “all seven units in the International System of Units…will no longer be defined by material objects and instead will be defined only by abstract constants of nature.” About time, amirite?

Read up, and we’ll be back with our regularly scheduled awesomeness tomorrow.



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