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One of the Best

I first met Pat Lynch around the time he mailed out a two-page, typewritten RFP for annual report design services. It was dated July 5, 1988. My firm was lucky enough to receive his inquiry, respond, and subsequently begin a working relationship with one of my all-time favorite clients.

A contact sheet for the 1989 WWP annual report. Pat and I were scouting photography locations for the company’s CEO, Paul Redmond, and president, Jim Harvey. Photos by J.Craig Sweat.

Pat joined The Washington Water Power Company in 1983. This coming Friday—November 30th, 2018, 30 years after we first met—will be his last day with that company, now known as Avista. I’ve never met a better ambassador, regardless of the business or the industry. A true gentleman with the proper dose of integrity, humility, and empathy. A consummate professional with an equally good sense of humor. The son of a sportswriter and a fan of every sport. A team player and a community advocate. And a devoted husband, father, and grandfather.

Thank you, Pat. It’s been a real pleasure. Wishing you and Suzanne the very best.

11.29.2018, 2:05pm
by Linda

Definitely one of the good guys! We’re all a little jelly of the opportunity to retire. Knowing Pat, he’ll put his many skills to work in the community. CK will make sure we don’t lose sight of him and Suzanne. Cheers to you, Pat!



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