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The most prolific art thief who ever lived? Over at GQ, Stéphane Breitwieser reveals his secrets. “In the annals of art crime, it’s hard to find someone who has stolen from ten different places. By the time the calendar flips to 2000, by Breitwieser’s calculations, he’s nearing 200 separate thefts and 300 stolen objects. For six years, he’s averaged one theft every two weeks. One year, he is responsible for half of all paintings stolen from French museums.”

Kelly Faircloth on “the steamy, throbbing history of romance novel covers.” (Side note: I discovered a new word the other day – yonic – which is basically the female equivalent of phallic. Don’t ask me how I learned about it.)

Wind turbines kill more people than nuclear power plants. “[W]hen it comes to generating power for billions of people,” writes Michael Shellenberger, “it turns out that producing solar and wind collectors, and spreading them over large areas, has vastly worse impacts on humans and wildlife alike.”



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