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WTF Is Wrong with Us?

Well, this is depressing:

Most of us now discriminate against members of the other political side explicitly and implicitly—in hiring, dating, and marriage, as well as judgments of patriotism, compassion, and even physical attractiveness, according to recent research.

It gets worse: Nearly half of Democrats say they’d be unhappy if their child married a Republican, 15 percent of Republicans think the country would be better off if large numbers of Democrats “just died,” and 20 percent of both parties agree that many members of the other side “lack the traits to be considered fully human.”

I don’t understand. And I mean that I literally don’t understand. What kind of a person are you who demonizes another for the crime of holding an opinion different from your own? A terrible person, that’s what.

If that describes you, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your priorities. You can start by learning from the residents of Watertown, New York.



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