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It took Estelle Betzold Doheny nearly 40 years to acquire a Gutenberg Bible. Yet when it finally arrives, “she resists the impulse to rip into the box, leaving it untouched overnight so she can open it with appropriate ceremony the next day.” And I get peeved when Amazon is late.

Michael J. Agovino sees some similarities between jazz and soccer. Eh…maybe.

“It is highly unlikely,” writes Bo Winegard, “that any political party has a monopoly on truth.” There’s a lot to like about the centrist manifesto he published a couple of years ago. Like this:

The past is like an old, unused, and rotting library; the books are full of wisdom, but the building is ruined by insects and decay. The conservative wants to keep the library; the centrist wants to keep the books; and the progressive wants to burn the whole thing down and start over.

Larissa Diakiw visited Glendale’s Forest Lawn Cemetery – the “Disneyland of Death” – and she has some thoughts.

Scott Walker, who “started as an icon and only grew more human,” has died. Pitchfork weighs in on his legacy. (Side note: Soused, Walker’s 2014 collaboration with Sunn O))), is one of the most terrifyingly beautiful albums of recent memory.)



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