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Big Announcement

With the recent release of Helvetica® Now, some of you have been wondering what this means for helveticka.

Glad you asked.

We’re pleased to announce that the new, improved helveticka NOW! will open for business May 1. Just like the font, “every character” in our firm “has been redrawn and refit”; our aim “to be more sophisticated and graceful.”

So: CK has agreed to limit his customary cursing to fewer than two F-bombs per client meeting. Linda will actually read the articles in the New Yorker – not just the cartoons. Shirlee is removing all most of the camouflage from her wardrobe. Courtney will no longer drink before 2 p.m. And Skooch is trading his Flamin’ Hot Cheetos for the more upscale Trader Joe’s Spicy Cheese Crunchies.

As for me, well…management determined that no improvement was necessary.

04.11.2019, 5:33pm
by Hannah Anderson

F— yeah, dad!

04.12.2019, 1:17pm
by Linda Anderson

Um. Cartoons ARE articles. Just in visual form. Learnt this from Chaz Schulz. BTW, Aaron, one of Charles’ quotes could totally have been written by you: “I love mankind; it’s people I can’t stand.”



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