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Good news for all you minions of Mephistopheles (Beelzebub believers? Lucifer lovers? Beasts of Baphomet?): The IRS has granted tax-exempt status to the Satanic Temple.

Speaking of the Devil incarnate, 1,300 glass plates from Hitler’s personal photographer have been digitized by the National Archives.

In other news, Snoop Dogg’s bong brand gets the Pentagram identity and packaging treatment.

Think modern life is distracting? John Cassian, a fifth-century monk, complained that his mind “seems driven by random incursions” and “wanders around like it were drunk.”

Wordsmiths Gone Wild: Teachers at the prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop “seemed to think that free booty was part of their compensation package.”

(Is it me, or is there a theme connecting all of these? Probably just me.)

04.26.2019, 11:39am
by Susanna

No, I see it too.



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