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DIY Jargonectomy

Does any part of your job involve writing? Are you employed in the marketing, communications, or PR fields? Have you, in the last 72 hours, used incentivize in a sentence—and meant it?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and read this list of 150 Business Jargon Fixes. Apart from a few glaring omissions—e.g. onboarding and turning ask into a noun—it’s about as comprehensive as it gets. And it’s helpful, too: Instead of simply providing a list of offending words and phrases, it actually offers ways to avoid sounding like a pretentious twit.

Thanks to B. for sending this my way. She knows me too well.

10.02.2019, 10:31am
by Katie

“It’s also worth noting that self-described contrarians sometimes turn out merely to be raving lunatics.” Whoever wrote this list is my new favorite person.

10.02.2019, 10:47am
by Aaron Bragg
Aaron Bragg

Wait…is that aimed at me?



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