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History in the Making

One of our long-time clients marked their 75th year in business a few weeks ago. It was not only an anniversary celebration, but also an open house for their new company headquarters.

Bouten Construction Company was founded in 1944 by Gus Bouten. Gus’s son Frank took over in the 70s; since 1996, the company has been led by Frank’s son Bill – three generations creating a remarkable legacy and an incredible achievement.

On October 23, 1983, my home town celebrated the dedication of its new St. Joseph’s Hospital. Bouten constructed the project under Frank’s leadership while Bill worked as a laborer on the site. Some distinguished folks are listed in the dedication program, not the least of which were Congressman Tom Foley, Spokane Diocese Bishop Lawrence Welsh, and my mother Rose, who at the time served as chairperson of the hospital’s board of directors. She’s the one who asked me to design the dedication program, and who, thankfully, saved a copy. Of course I couldn’t say no, nor could I argue over the fee (gratis, naturally). But back then I would have been happy if they’d asked me to design the label for the hospital’s new bed pans.

My mom understood the invaluable contribution a hospital provides a rural community, and still remembers the Bouten boys and the good work their team provided. It’s all part of why the company Gus founded has thrived for three-quarters of a century.



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