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Beeps and Boops

Usually, when I come across a story that purports to show how an underrepresented group was really responsible for the successful development of [fill in the blank], I roll my eyes Liz Lemon-style and move right along. But here’s a case where it’s absolutely true: the pioneers of electronic music were women. And what they accomplished quite literally changed the musical landscape of the 20th century.

But even if girl power isn’t your thing, I encourage you to catch the film Sisters with Transistors when it’s released this spring. It promises to be a fascinating look into an untold story—and, as a devoted connoisseur of the work of Laurie Spiegel and Suzanne Ciani in particular, I’m excited to see it finally brought to light.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on this relic of 1970s daytime television (and be sure to stick around for the part where the real Robert Moog demonstrates his Minimoog analog synth):



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