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Various and Sundry

Ben Dreyfuss just launched a newsletter called Good Faith, “where every Monday and Friday you can read new posts about how everyone is well-intentioned, stupid, and desperately in need of checking out from politics.” Amen.

Remember Vantablack? A team of Purdue University engineers has now created a paint so white it reflects up to 98.1 percent of sunlight.

Speaking of white, beat-deafness is actually a thing.

“Few questions divide the world of science from the world of metaphysics as dramatically as that of the origin of Egypt’s great pyramids,” writes Brian Dunning. On the one hand, he explains, there are Egyptologists, “an international army of academics and cross disciplinary scientists who have lived and worked at the site for centuries, who find that the pyramids were built by the ancient Egyptians….” On the other? Well…

John McWhorter has a new book out, from which an essay in the New York Times and a piece over at the Atlantic have been excerpted. Fascinating stuff.

I don’t believe in fate, but man, the Sarker family sure seems destined for a life of crime.



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