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Today in History

From the diary of James Lees-Milne, August 10, 1945:

I had to lunch with Charles Fry my publisher at the Park Lane Hotel. He was late, having just got up after some orgy à trois with whips, etc. He is terribly depraved and related every detail, not questioning whether I wished to listen. In the middle of the narration I simply said, ‘Stop! Stop!’ At the same table an officer was eating, and imbibing every word. I thought he gave me a crooked look for having spoilt his fun.

My delight in Churchill’s defeat, disapproval of the Socialists’ victory, detestation of the atom bomb and disgust with the Allies’ treatment of Germany are about equal. Muddle.

Published in Prophesying Peace: Diaries, 1944–1945.



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