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Hello? Anyone There?

Yeah, yeah—I know. It’s been a while since we posted anything here. Four weeks, by my reckoning. So what have we been doing with our time?

Short answer: a lot.

Long answer: Various and sundry signage and experiential graphics projects on multiple sites; a targeted digital advertising/direct mail campaign; giant touchscreen content development, programming, and installation; several regulatory documents, at least one of which clocks in at more than 100 pages; even a political campaign.

None of this is meant as an excuse, exactly. It’s just that we’ve been busier’n a farmer with one hoe and two rattlesnakes. And when one of those rattlesnakes is a paying client and the other is a blog about nothing—that nobody noticed had gone dormant anyway—well…guess which one is gonna get whacked? (Maybe not the best of analogies, I suppose, but hey, I’m a little rusty.)

So hang tight, regular readers—if any of you are left. We’ll get some of that sweet, sweet content you’re craving up in no time.

10.07.2021, 7:08pm
by Lorri

Nice to hear you haven’t lost your snarky sense of humor in the blur of extreme busyness, Aaron. I read your posts. Admittedly not often, yet I still do.

10.08.2021, 10:13am
by Aaron Bragg

Now that I know you read it, Lorri, I think we’re finally at the point where it takes two hands to count our fans! This is a good day.

10.08.2021, 10:57am
by Mariel Van Noy

Missed your blog but I know something of your activities. I enjoy reading your blog. Welcome back.

10.08.2021, 3:18pm
by Aaron Bragg

Thanks, Mariel! Every time I learn about a reader, it’s a humbling experience. (And, to be fair, also a little alarming. I mean, what if I say something really stupid? But then I realize that’s pretty much all I do, so….)



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