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Vic B. Linden and Sons Sign Advertising Inc.—among our very favorite collaborators—has long been one of the busiest sign shops in the region. But on December 31, 2021, Chris, Nick, and Steve will be wrapping up the business their father Vic started 75 years ago. The company’s work can be found on, and in, so many local buildings that I feel sorry for all the facilities managers who will no doubt be left wondering who to call when their directories need updating.

As for us, we’re going to miss Linden’s old-school approach to business. Their honesty, integrity, and commitment to do whatever it takes to keep clients happy are characteristics that were established early on by Vic and his wife Ruth, who worked as a bookkeeper in the family business. And they’re characteristics that are increasingly rare these days.

To our good friends, we say “Thank you” for your contributions to our region, our city, and our clients—and we wish each of you the very best.

12.16.2021, 12:32pm
by Nick Linden

Thank you your kind message. It has been our pleasure to work with you and your team for so many years on such creative projects.
We always enjoyed working with everyone at helvetica…a very professional team.
It has been a joy for us to be included.
We have worked hard to “beautify” Spokane and the region with our signs and your designs.



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