Extending a Welcome


At the Spokane headquarters of Avista, visitors are treated to a warm and welcoming experience – an experience that Avista felt should be extended to the one department that keeps the entire company running: human resources. After all, HR is visited not only by employees, but also by any candidate seeking a position at Avista. So helveticka, who has been instrumental in capturing Avista’s brand in three-dimensional space elsewhere in the building, was brought in to help. The solution? An overhead sign placed above the department’s main reception area, as well as a wall display created to house a series of eight photographs featuring employees from various departments throughout the company. Custom-fabricated by Hydrafab Northwest and installed by helveticka, the display is designed to be flexible, enabling Avista to easily change the photos to keep it current, topical, and fresh.

photos: J. Craig Sweat Photography