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hi there. we’re helveticka.

Nice to meet you. Want to get to know us a little better? See what makes us tick? Get a glimpse into the mad creative genius that propels us to such lofty heights? Click on one of the folks above. (Heads not to scale.)

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CK Anderson

CK Anderson

principal & creative director

Thirty-some years ago, CK embarked on a career in graphic design only when it became increasingly evident that the NBA wasn’t going to call. It all worked out, though: instead of a has-been point guard with bad knees, CK has become one of the region’s foremost branding experts, leading a small and cohesive team of some of the most talented and creative thinkers in the northwest.

Linda Anderson

Linda Anderson

project manager

After more than three decades in the business of graphic design, marketing, media and public relations planning, brand management, and strategic development, Linda’s somehow been able to maintain an easygoing disposition. It’s a rare ability that, no doubt, results from the rigorous training to prepare her for her term as a princess in the Spokane Lilac Festival Royal Court.

Shirlee Roberts-Downey

Shirlee Roberts-Downey

associate & senior designer

When Shirlee’s in charge – which, let’s be honest, is most of the time – things just seem to get done. And done right. In addition to a formidable (not to mention wide-ranging) set of design skills, she has an uncanny ability to think through, and solve, every conceivable production problem before it ever arises. We’re just thankful she’s using her super powers for good.

Aaron Bragg

Aaron Bragg

associate & senior copywriter

Anyone can write. To write like Aaron, though, requires an ear for pitch and rhythm, a respect for the audience’s intelligence, and an ability to get inside a client’s head to understand the unique business and industry challenges they face. That and an insatiable, compulsive, annoying need to ensure that everyone around you knows the difference between its and it’s.

Courtney Sowards

Courtney Sowards

graphic designer

She’s a native of Fairbanks, Alaska, the daughter of a Fish & Wildlife bush pilot, and a woman who likes her coffee strong, black, and plentiful. A lesser creative firm might have been intimidated by Courtney. But given the breadth and depth of her talents – and the fact that she never stops expanding on and honing her skills – we figured we’d better throw caution to the wind.

Carl Heidle

Carl Heidle

senior designer

He’s a past president of the Spokane Ad Fed, a former college design instructor, an occasional woodworker, and a respected mentor who thinks “HE NEVER QUIT” would be a pretty great epitaph. In other words, Carl is one of those over-achievers you probably made fun of growing up. But the native Montanan is having the last laugh: It was all just preparation for a senior designer gig at helveticka.

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