Spokane’s “Living Laboratory” Named


Less than a year ago, Envision America selected Spokane as one of the first ten cities in the U.S. to participate in a yearlong program to accelerate smart city planning and project implementation. Why Spokane? Because of the work of a core group composed of Avista, Itron, the City of Spokane, WSU, McKinstry, and the University District Development Association. The group’s shared vision for Spokane’s smart city efforts is a “living laboratory,” located in the University District, where innovators can advance the strategies and technologies necessary for the cities of the future – an initiative now known as Urbanova. helveticka worked alongside stakeholders from all six of the founding partners to develop the new name and tagline – as well as design its logo and website. Officially launched in September, Urbanova is the culmination of years of work; a collaboration that offers tremendous opportunity for developers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and both community and corporate partners.

photo: J. Craig Sweat Photography