Getting to Know H2O


After the successful completion of Greeley’s water budget campaign, helveticka immediately began work on a multi-year, three-phase public relations campaign designed to help the city promote the expansion of Milton Seaman Reservoir, a critical component of Greeley’s water supply. The expansion itself is subject to state and federal scrutiny, and requires the publication of an environmental impact statement along with public comment – the latter of which is given careful consideration prior to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers making a final decision on the project. The campaign is designed to provide the information necessary for the public to form a favorable opinion. Addressing the fact that most people simply don’t know where their water comes from, the first phase of the campaign communicates the importance of water in all aspects of our lives – including those areas that aren’t so obvious – and reminds people, in a fun and engaging way, that we simply cannot live without it. The work includes a website, television spots, both print and online advertising, social media, community signage, and assorted tchotchkes for public distribution. Phase 2 will begin to promote the massive infrastructure, designed and managed by Greeley, that’s required to deliver clean water at a minimal cost; Phase 3 will begin to promote the need for reservoir expansion.