The True Mark of Success

Hecla Mining Company

How do you follow up your 125th year in business? If you’re Coeur d’Alene-based Hecla Mining Company, you turn in a record-breaking performance: the most silver production and the highest revenue in its storied history. As CEO Phillips S. Baker, Jr. put it, “We generated organic growth at a time when most of our peers were cutting their business and selling assets. Our outperformance speaks to the success of our strategy.” Hecla’s 2016 annual report – A Strategy That Works – points to the company’s continued investment in long-lived, low-cost mines as the lynchpin of its success. Baker, who will assume the role of Chairman of the Board of the National Mining Association this September, penned a book-length shareholder letter for the report. In it, he makes a compelling case for further investment in Hecla based on that strategy, on its commitment to innovation, and on proven results. This is the 29th consecutive AR created for Hecla by helveticka, who provided creative direction, design, writing, and project management services.

photo: J. Craig Sweat Photography