When Spokane Was Modern…

Spokane Mid-Century Modern

Back in January, helveticka partnered with the City-County of Spokane Historic Preservation Office and Painter Preservation to produce a survey and inventory of the city’s Mid-Century Modern architecture. The task was not only to identify representative properties demonstrating important trends in post-war Spokane, but also to create a public-facing informational website – because, according to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, these buildings are “among the most underappreciated and vulnerable aspects of our nation’s heritage.” Our team submitted its findings in a 70-page report to the Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation in August; on September 26, we’ll be presenting an overview of those findings to the public. Join us at the Washington Cracker Company Event Center, 304 W Pacific Ave, at 3 p.m. to learn about “the different types and styles highlighted; the architects who left their mark on Spokane; mid-century materials; recommendations for the future and more!” The free event is hosted by the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation and the Spokane Historic Landmarks Commission.