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Hecla Mining Company

The lengthiest winning streak in the NBA is 33 games. The longest professional baseball game lasted 33 innings. And with the publication of Remarkable this year, the record for consecutive annual reports created by helveticka for Hecla Mining Company now stands at – you guessed it – 33. The theme for the 2020 report juxtaposes the relentlessness of COVID-19 with Hecla’s ability to navigate a host of uncertainties around the pandemic, particularly the safety of its workforce and the economic health of the communities who rely on the jobs Hecla creates. “Despite the seemingly overwhelming challenges of operating during a global pandemic,” wrote CEO Phillips S. Baker, Jr., in his letter to shareholders, “Hecla’s people stepped up: It was the safest year in our 130-year history, silver production was 7 percent higher than the year before and more than 30 percent higher in 2018, and we had the highest gross revenues in our history.” In a word, remarkable. helveticka provided creative direction, design, writing, and production services for the annual report.